What You Eat This Month Determines How Your Body Looks Next Month

You are what you eat and drink. And don’t think punishing yourself with exercise will help poor eating habits. This only sets up an eat, exercise guilt cycle which is certainly not healthy. Why is eating right such a struggle? Much of the problem involves mindless eating.

What is mindless eating?

Mindless eating is consuming food without thinking. The unfortunate side effect is making your body overweight and unhealthy. Many of us walk around with brains turned off and grab whatever food items are in our grazing path. No rhyme or reason but doing an auto-pilot action of putting something in your face.

Some scenarios include watching TV and mowing through a whole bag of chips. How about the work break room loaded with donuts and snacks? These are often brought back to the desk as you plug away at your computer.

The problem is we’re not hungry, not thinking, and eating out of boredom or habit. This continued pattern isn’t good for you or your expanding waistline.

Why is This Happening?

What the heck is going on and why? It’s no wonder America is plagued with the highest obesity rate and enormous doctor bills for self-induced illness. Mindless eating is a topic that should be at the forefront of your eating habits.

Each time you eat something is an opportunity to better your health and fitness. We have really dropped the ball not thinking before eating. Are you stressed, emotionally upset, bored, or whatever? Unhealthy food isn’t the answer to make you feel better.

Emotions can play a role in mindless eating and it’s recommended to address these issues in a healthy way. There is no amount of tasty donuts or pizza fixing an emotional problem. What it will do is add fat to your body and another reason to be stressed. Why not look into professional help, go to a counselor, see a minister, or talk to a trusted friend.

Most of the time, mindless eating is done out of habit and convenience. Your willpower just can’t say no to the food sitting in front of you. We really are feasting on gross things doing gross things to your body.

Fixing the Problem

It’s important to turn your brain back on and recognize these unhealthy habits. Start the process of mindful eating by taking food and behavior inventory.

The following are helpful tips to get you back on track to eating right:

  • Toss the processed food in the refrigerator and pantry and replace it with healthy “real” food.
  • Start moving! Exercise at least 4 times weekly.
  • Stop blaming your spouse, significant other, friends or circumstances for mindless eating.
  • Just because someone in your home brings in crap food doesn’t mean you have to eat it.
  • Think before you eat.
  • Start packing healthy snacks for work. Stay out of the break room vending machines and donuts sitting on the table.
  • Drink water if you feel the urge to eat without thinking.
  • Ask yourself if what you’re eating is helping or hurting your health.
  • Be mindful of alcohol intake. Are you really having only one drink?
  • Make a plan to eat healthily and stick to it.
  • Keep a food journal and be honest with yourself.

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Be well and Stay Healthy